Preserving Our History

As chronicled in the upcoming book “On the Backs of Blacks, the Untold Stories of the Minority Business Movement”, author Sharon R. Pinder describes a period in our history that changed the course of wealth creation in this country.  Preserving Our History is CBID’s way of preserving our business heritage, to know what’s gone on before and to build on it. 

Fallen Heroes and Heroines

Every worthy cause has its heroes, and the success of minority businesses is no exception. Our heroes did not die for our cause. They lived for it. They dedicated their careers to blazing a trail, removing obstacles and building bridges so that all entrepreneurs could walk more easily on their journey to success. 

Although the playing field is still rocky for America’s 24 million women and minority business owners, our heroes scored the touchdowns to ensure we stayed in the game. Our heroes inspired us and because they believed in us, we believed in ourselves. In the words of the famous author, Bernard Malamud, “Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don't know how far we can go.”  Our heroes may be dead, but their legacies are eternal.

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