Dr. Deloris James

Deloris James holds both a Juris Doctor and a Ph.D.  She has taught technical, business, and legal communication courses at the University of Maryland, College Park, Howard University, and the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) for over ten years both in the classroom and online.  Currently, Dr. James serves as the Assistant Academic Director for Business Administration and Management Studies at UMUC, where she also directs the Women in Business Program. Since being employed at UMUC,

she has also served as Acting Director of Business Administration and Management Studies, Acting Director of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Dr. James currently teaches the following undergraduate courses: Women as Leaders, Women in Business, Introduction to Business, and Management and Organizational Theory.  She teaches the following graduate course: The Legal Aspects of Federal Contracting.

The following provides a list of the academic and business committees that Dr. James has been involved in during the last three years:

1 - Steering/Planning Committee Member for the 2006 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders,

2 - Steering/Planning Committee Member for the 2005-06 “Tomorrow Begins Today: African American Women as they Age,” (a public education campaign of the National Council of Negro Women Organization)

3 - Steering/Planning Committee Member for the 2008 Women Administrators in Higher Education (WAHE) Conference

4 - Board of Directors’ Member of the Harlem Renaissance Foundation of Prince George’s County

5 - Board of Directors’ Member of the Maryland Women in Higher Education

6 - Council of University System Faculty (CUSF) Member since 2006 (Co-chair Faculty Affairs Committee (2007-08), Regents Award Committee Member (2007-08)

7 - Maryland Higher Education Council-Faculty Member

8 - 2008 Writing Group Member of the Maryland Higher Education State Plan