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Our Resident Experts

CBID is proud to have a cadre of the finest business experts to advise us and to help our constituents. All of our experts have proven track records in their respective fields. Included are entrepreneurs, professors, corporate, government and non-profit executives. 

If you wish to have a private  consultation, contact CBID  (info@cbidinc.org).  If you wish to be considered as an expert, please give us a ring.  Our experts will periodically rotate. 

Team of Experts 

Angie Barnett
Better Business Bureau

Carol Diggs
Diggs! Executive Search

Dr. Deloris James
Women’s Business Studies UMUC

Margy Lafond 
CBID, Inc.

Franklin Lee, Esquire
Tydings and Rosenberg
Sharon R. Pinder
The Pinder Group
Top 100 MBE Awards

Lobna “Luby” Ismail
Connecting Cultures

Karen Price Ward
Southwest Airlines

Barbara Rishel
Merrill Lynch

Graylin Smith, CPA
SB and Company

Shelonda Stokes
greiBo media

Dr. Robert L. Wallace
The  Bith Group

Cindy Warkentin
Maryland Auto Insurance Fund